Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kathy's Applique Quilt

I am so lucky to have the best customers! Kathy B. appliqued this gorgeous quilt and asked me to quilt it for her.
After many hours of serious quilting time I am so pleased that she got to see it finished today when she picked it up. I must admit I am going to miss having this masterpiece around to enjoy.

Some details for my fellow quilters, the quilt measures 88" square, I used Quilter's Dream Wool batting, stitch in the ditch with Maderia Monolon, all other stitching Superior So Fine. Bobbins were Magnaglide.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Jane

Every two weeks or so, that's the plan anyway, I meet with my friends Pam, Pam and Linda and sew. Pam R., Linda and myself work on our Dear Jane projects. and Pam S. works on her Album applique. On Monday we met at my house. I was the lucky on who did not need to go out in the cold. Linda S. is on the left, Pam R. is center and Pam S. is on the right,we are sewing in my center parlor, a basically useless room of doors and windows. Works well for this though. Come and join us!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow and more snow

It seams as if it snows everyday this winter. We have not been walloped like New England, our snows are more of the lake effect variety. Snow showers, snow squalls, snow. My sister in CT got 21" yesterday, but afterward the sun was shining and the roads are clear. Here on the other hand.... it's snowing..... still....and cloudy....still.....

And to add injury to this insult, this morning I am in my office thinking to myself "g it's a bit chilly in here" i look at the gas stove and it is stone cold! Not even a pilot. How nice, I am out of propane!  So I plug in my EdenPure heater and call the fuel company. Grrrr. or shall I say Brrrrr.

Oh goodie, I was going to add a picture here but Google tells me that feature is not available at the moment? WTF? I guess I'll go quilt, see ya!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends! Those who read my blog anyway, lol.
I loved having a long holiday weekend to start the new year. David had friday off so we drove to Syracuse to visit his step dad Bob, who just turned 90. We were talking about how long we had known Bob and realized it was more than 25 yrs. Then David said, gee, that's longer than I knew my Dad. David's dad died when David was 21 and our first year of marriage. It was the end of November and the holidays have never been the same for him. I treasure the relationship I had with my dad as an adult, I'm so sorry that David never had that.

Back to the long weekend.... I should have been in my studio working on a customer quilt but I am waiting for a thread order. I decided I did not have the perfect thread I needed. Do we ever? Yeesh.
So I spent Sat and Sun. in my jammies and in my sewing room. Never even stepped outside. Just sewed and played with fabric for two whole days. What a great way to start the year!

One of my internet quilting friends, Gayle, and I took a class at MQX 2 yrs ago. Well Gayle has been working on hers again and has inspired me to pull mine out and hopefully finish it this year. Somehow my center was 2" too small so I needed to redraft the sawtooth border. I made fewer and larger blocks but then decided to ad another element to them. Instead of 2 color I used 3.

Here is a picture:

The blocks above are Dear Jane, another ongoing project......

The next border is stars set in a black background. I have begun selecting fabrics for that. I think I am almost there and ready to begin cutting. maybe next weekend?