Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter is here

After what seemed like a long autumn I do think winter is here for awhile. We have had snow everyday since the weekend and it is starting to pile up. I am once again shoveling my way to the studio and office to work. Yesterday in the snow we had new kitchen windows installed. It actually went pretty well considering the weather. The kitchen sure seems warmer without all the drafts but it will take some getting used to looking at the broad expanse of white windows. It is the only white in the kitchen :(  sure wish we could have afforded wood but there were expensive enough and will have to do.

On a cheerier note here is a lovely little girls quilt I finished recently for a customer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Checking in

How time flies! How is it even possible that Thanksgiving is next week? Like most professional quilters this is a busy time for us, however none of my customers are expecting quilts for xmas this year. Since I specialize in custom work my lead time is at least 6 months. Fortunately I have wonderful customers who desire my quilting and are willing to wait. Life is good.

Here is a quilt if finished recently, it was King sized and the borders are 14" filling that space was a challenge but I am pleased with the results.

My next one is loaded, it is a beautiful applique quilt and I will spend some serious time on it as soon as I return from quilt retreat this weekend.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vacation Sept. 2010

Niagara Falls Canada, taken from the Skylon Tower

Niagara on the Lake, a charming town. We had lunch at the Irish Harp. A pub brought over from Ireland.

Gum Wall. Who does this? How does it even get started?

David and me, at the Flower Clock.

View from our room 32nd floor, and my knitting basket.

Watkins Glen, NY  on Seneca Lake. View from our room.

Spanish Aero Car.  250 feet above the whirlpool rapids, down stream from Niagara Falls. Yikes!             This was scary!

Daivd and I took a real vacation this year. One that did not include Volvos, quilting or family. And we took 2 weeks off! First time we have done that in 20 yrs. When you are self employed it is hard to get away for that long. We easy to get away but hard getting back as no one takes care of the work while you are gone.

We decided not to fly and that limited our choices but Niagara Falls seemed like a good choice. And it was. We took advantage of almost all of the touristy things to do, the first full day we signed up for a bus tour that took us to several of the sights. No parking, no tickets, no lines, no waiting. It was great! But exhausting too and we got soaked, twice. Once on the Journey Behind the Falls and later in the day on The Maid of the Mist boat ride.
The other days we did lots of walking and one day we drove north to the most charming town. Niagara on the Lake.
The down side was that the food was fair at best and very,very expensive. We were glad to get back to the states for a few days before heading home. One the way back, first stop was in Buffalo, NY. Duff's, home of the Buffalo Chicken Wing. David and I shared a plate of hot wings for lunch - yum! I should have taken a picture of that too, lol.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vintage Roses

Twenty one yrs ago we purchased our home from Mike and Harriet Carr Van Valkenburg. Harriet was born and lived in this house her entire life until she and Mike moved to assisted living, they never had children. Harriet was an only child and her mother too was born and lived here here entire life, also an only child. Harriet's grand mother moved in at 1 yr. old and also stayed here her entire life, again an only child.

I was fortunate to have been able to correspond with Harriet every month,as they held the mortgage. I learned much about the town, village and the house. About a year before Harriet passed on she stopped by and was able to see the changes we had made. I think she approved.

One of the thing she shared was that her grandmother had planted the climbing rose bush at the back door, right around 1900-1910.

After so many changes here it remains constant. The roots probably go to China at this point, lol. It blooms every year, except for the years we cut it back for a rest. Once we had a robin nest in it. And every spring our song sparrow visits and serenades us. It is right by the door to the yard off of the kitchen. This area was once a porch before being closed in.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My New Studio Sign

You can't miss the studio now, eh??

Two years ago I had an Open House at the studio to introduce my rental business. I hung my bright batik Lucky Stars quilt on the front of the building for the day.

My friend, Pam Ross, loved the way it looked and asked if she could paint it for me. Well yeah!! She asked how much detail I would like and I told her, just enough so there is texture to the piece. She delivered it on xmas eve and I was blown away. She did an amazing job! I was a bit afraid to hang it lest it get damaged, lol.

Last weekend David and I had a moment of free time and got it put up. Wowzer, it looks great, no?

Thank you Pam.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Poor Wisteria

My poor wisteria blossoms were not able to withstand three nights of temps in the 20's. We have had the strangest spring weather! Luckily the wind blew down one blossom and I was able to press it. It might be the only wisteria I will ever have!

Monday, May 10, 2010

We have flowers!

At long last we have wisteria flowers. Not what I think of, when I think of wisteria however. After 15+ yrears of waiting I hate to be ungrateful, but..... shouldn't there be some leaves?? I remember seeing beautiful lush green vines with pendulous purple flowers. This poor vine looks naked!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can it possibly be?

Around 15 years ago our dear friends Steve and Naomi gifted us with a wisteria plant from their garden in Virginia. David built a trellis and it grew happily around and through it. Patiently we have waited for flowers, tried to coax it to bloom by pruning, chanting ( not really ) you get the idea. The birds love the foliage to camouflage their nests and we hang a thistle feeder on the trellis for the goldfinches and a bird bath beneath. We watch the trellis from our kitchen window, season by season, year by year and nary a bud or blossom.
So last night around twilight, David says" LOOK! NO, it can't be" What? I say, wondering what kind of bird was visiting. No, he says, look, BUDS!

Well, I am hoping these are buds, having never seen them on the vines before I am assuming so. Now we wait and see if we are graced with flowers. I will be amazed!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday a lady?

I always find it hard to drag myself out of bed on rainy mornings, especially Mondays. But I have a full day, full week ahead so I am up and at 'em. David used to wake me saying "up and at 'em Mrs. Adams" lol.
Yesterday's Meet the Teachers, was very nice. I always enjoy spending time with my comrades and with out this scheduled day I probably would not see many of them. My Machine Quilting 101 class in June filled right up, ten students and a waiting list, so I have added a second class. I am amazed at how popular this class continues to be. This is my fourth year teaching this series and the classes are still full. Good thing I love to teach!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday morning

This morning is a lazy, rainy, sleep late Sunday. Could even qualify as a jammie day except I have to attend a "meet the teachers" event at a local quilt shop this afternoon. Bonus is that I can stop by Wegman's (grocery store) on the way home and pick up dinner. Now I know that going to a grocery store is not much of a bonus to most, but Wegman's is not your everyday grocery store. It is a foodies delight!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finished wholecloth desidn

I have finished my online class designing a wholecloth. It was great, I will definitely look for more classes to take that way. Here is my final design. I need to get to to Staples and have it enlarged 250% so it is 40x40" Then mark it. I have chosen grey hand dyed fabric from Cherrywoods and lavender silk thread. Still not sure what to put in the circles.... hopefully it will speak with me as I mark.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today is the last day of MQX, The Machine Quilters Expo. For the past six years ihave spent my birthday week there among my peers and quilting idols. This year David's work schedule would not allow us to go together and since I was not working for APQS this time I opted not to attend by myself. But it has not been easy, I missed it more than I thought I would. Most of all I missed seeing my Internet friends. I also missed seeing one of my own quilts hanging at the show. No ribbon but I am looking forward to the judges comments. The quality of the quilts entered is so amazing I never had any expectation of a ribbon. In fact every year I look at the quilts and some of them make me wonder why I even bother. Yet, I must, it is who I am and what I do. So, today I will quilt.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making New Friends

I am always so thankful to be able to do what I love for a job. I meet the most wonderful people and every once in awhile someone comes along that really touches my heart. Laurie came to me a month ago to take a beginner class to rent the longarm. She and I just hit it off. Fast forward to Friday, Laurie is scheduled for rental time. She arrives bearing a birthday month gift for me. Not just any gift but a witch and one she made just for me! Here she is..... aren't I lucky?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Drawing a wholecloth quilt

I've been taking an online class at Mqresource.com, taught by Adam Chenenivert (I know I spelled that wrong, sorry Adam!) This is my first time taking a class in this format. It is interesting, not as enjoyable as taking one in person but quilt useful.
Here is what I have drawn to date.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Musings

Yesterday I was having lunch with the Monday Afton Lunch Ladies and two of my friends mentioned my blog. My poor neglected blog. It seems as if Facebook has eaten up any extra time I might find to spend at the computer to share musings and events.
I think they both have a place and I need to do better here.

Speaking of eating up time, have you seen the Owl box? http://www.ustream.tv/theowlbox

I was up late last night watching McGee bring food for Molly and the wee ones. And I find myself checking on them several times a day. I find the whole thing amazing. I can't help but wonder what my Dad would have thought. He was a big animal lover and as a kid we had several wild baby birds that we raised.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Middle of January

Gosh, how does it happen? Time just flies by. Seems like last week I was at retreat. Since then we have had 3 holidays and now a new year.
At retreat I finished my sister's quilt. Gave it to her at Christmas and she loved it. Not too surprised, I loved it myself.