Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, by the calendar anyway, yesterday we had more snow... and not just flurries either. Shoveling is getting old!

Not much new here, I finished the One Block Wonder quilt and my customer was here to pick it up before I got it unpinned. So no new pictures, but she loves it, whew!

Last week I took a bus trip to the AQS Lancaster, PA quilt show. Up at 4AM back home at 11:45. Looong day....
The quilts were amazing, the vendors plentiful, the company outstanding. Here is a picture of some of my loot.

First thing I purchased this wonderful basket to carry all my stuff. I found a new presser foot for my Featherweight machine, and belts for same and a treadle. A couple new books, one on piecing and one on Zentangle. A bunch of new stencils, not pictured, and a very cool powdered fusible product. I have already used that on on my damaged wholecloth.
And last but not least a piece of George Washington fabric for my mother. She has a "thing" for George. How many have a George wall in their home? Nuff said.