Monday, April 18, 2011


Third Place Small Wholecloth
My expression does not do justice to my excitement at winning this ribbon. Do you think David could have taken another picture? or waited for a smile? He claims he was focused on the quilt, I guess it could be worse.

A visit to Old Sturbridge Village

On our way to MQX quilt show in Providence, RI we took an extra couple days and visited Old Sturbridge Village. It had been at least 30 yrs. since our last visit and in our early marriage we were members (courtesy of my parents) and visited often. Thankfully it has not changed much. Life in the 1830s seemed like a pleasant time to be alive. Between wars, technology was advancing, for the first time people had leisure time as there were machines to do some of the labor of the past. If you are ever passing by be sure to plan a visit, well worth your time.

As you approach the village
The village green

The sawmill

Oxen at rest
The blacksmith shop
The manor house, opposite end of the green from the church
Stopping for a chat
David, checking the map of the grounds.