Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baltimore Album - Amazing

I recently had the pleasure of quilting an amazing example of a Baltimore Album Quilt 96" square. This was a four year project of Rhoda Bushnell, a customer of mine. She call this her mourning quilt as she made it in the months and years following her husband death. Here is the kicker, its not hers! She was hired to make it for a friends daughter in AZ. I sure hope she charged enough, not that you ever could. Enjoy the show!

This is the center block

More of the center top

Side view of center block

Corner of center block

One of four wreath blocks surrounding the center

a second wreath block

Cornucopias in each corner

Center block flanked by four large baskets, this is one

Last row, notice- no borders.

Last but not least, the back.

Monday, June 13, 2011


After much trepidation I finally got the courage to make a pair of socks. They are about an inch too long but hey, finished is better than perfect! I have already started another pair, hopefully they will fit better.