Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vintage Roses

Twenty one yrs ago we purchased our home from Mike and Harriet Carr Van Valkenburg. Harriet was born and lived in this house her entire life until she and Mike moved to assisted living, they never had children. Harriet was an only child and her mother too was born and lived here here entire life, also an only child. Harriet's grand mother moved in at 1 yr. old and also stayed here her entire life, again an only child.

I was fortunate to have been able to correspond with Harriet every month,as they held the mortgage. I learned much about the town, village and the house. About a year before Harriet passed on she stopped by and was able to see the changes we had made. I think she approved.

One of the thing she shared was that her grandmother had planted the climbing rose bush at the back door, right around 1900-1910.

After so many changes here it remains constant. The roots probably go to China at this point, lol. It blooms every year, except for the years we cut it back for a rest. Once we had a robin nest in it. And every spring our song sparrow visits and serenades us. It is right by the door to the yard off of the kitchen. This area was once a porch before being closed in.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My New Studio Sign

You can't miss the studio now, eh??

Two years ago I had an Open House at the studio to introduce my rental business. I hung my bright batik Lucky Stars quilt on the front of the building for the day.

My friend, Pam Ross, loved the way it looked and asked if she could paint it for me. Well yeah!! She asked how much detail I would like and I told her, just enough so there is texture to the piece. She delivered it on xmas eve and I was blown away. She did an amazing job! I was a bit afraid to hang it lest it get damaged, lol.

Last weekend David and I had a moment of free time and got it put up. Wowzer, it looks great, no?

Thank you Pam.